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Keep The Barghest At Bay [Commission]

Keep The Barghest At Bay [Commission]

Keep the barghest at bay, the candy bar way! Here's the last of Zerogouki's commissions. Hope you like it!

Lightning on
Sexy! Nice work woot :)

recnamoreK on
Somebody needs to get Woot to draw Yuugi, Komachi, or Utsuho of Touhou fame.
I can't afford to commission him, but it'd be great if someone else would.

Lightning on
Do more cowgirls next!!!

Batman on

link2hyrule on
I think Woot's stopped updating this site in favor of his dA site (w-oo-t.deviantart.com)

???? on
He also seems to favor this site too. http://doodleordie.com/profile/woot

???? on




Repost of all of Wootchan's BBW oe work.

Robert on
R.I.P. Woot (2007-2013)

link2hyrule on
@Robert He's not dead he's moved: w-oo-t.deviantart.com

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