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Tea from chounyuu.com commissioned this image for their website. I think she fits right in. Hope ya like!

Derp on
*thunk* tha wath tha thound of my jaw hithing the thfloor

Mr. Stache on
Hmm, wonderful coloring. I think this your best coloring work woot. Unless you have other coloring art work like this.

ulvrik on
wow.. im speechless, its like a hypnose :D

otakon2006 on
Could we PLEASE see the rest of her? Or is she just a torso attached to wonderfully gigantic melons?

Lumanare on
Can we see her shirtless? ;3

Bobby on
Huge tits? Rainbow hair? I love it!

anon on
@Bobby Don't forget the glasses!

Damn woot you're good at this stuff!

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