Lexxi, Sorceress of... Something

Lexxi, Sorceress of... Something

woot on
Wow, thanks for adding in comment capability. A big part of why I like making these OBBS drawings is that there's a built in feedback mechanism. That helps me figure out what's working, what people want to see more of, and to steer clear of duds. And given how far back these images stretch, there are plenty of early duds. Anyways, I'm looking foreward to any comments or questions you have.

Anonymous on
I'd just like to say: play nice! And be forgiving if the gallery breaks. I don't do this for a living.(Let me know if you find a problem, though, at humble.fool@gmail.com)

BalloonPrincess on
Such an excellent picture! All done on the computer?

woot on
Yup, these OBBS drawings are done in a little web based java applet with a mouse.

BalloonPrincess on
Awesome! I'm so impressed with your work being done that way and looking so good!Love Milk and Cookies! Looking forward to seeing more of Jess and Andrea.

Woot Fan on
Your drawings are excellent.Keep up the awesome work.And keep Milk and Cookies going for a good while, I love it!

Metatron on
Long time fan of your work keep it up

Var on
I love it... but did anyone else notice how low the bust meter was. It looked about 15%. I'd love to see 115%!

cpplink on
...looks more like 25% though...

jimmy on
I love the fact that the cloud is smiling.

Glombus on
Suggestion: put the drawing list above the comments, it's irritating to scroll all the way to the bottom every time. Other than that, nice to see comments enabled.

tetsaru_arigashi on
I've been a lurker on your galleries/websites for a while now, and the more I see, the more I love, so I just had to come out and tell you how much I appreciate your work. Thanks for giving all of us bakunyuu fans so much great artwork and stories! =D

I was kinda sad to see the Milk and Cookies series end though, it had SO much good fanservice in it... any chance of continuing it? I'm sure a lot of your other fans would agree with me!

Regardless of what you decide to do with your series, keep up the great work! I'm very curious as to what's going to happen to Allison in your current story!

One last thing - one of my online friends has a forum called Bakunyuu Baka!, maybe you've heard of it. We'd love to have you join us and give us your input! Here's the address: http://www.bakunyuu.com/baka/index.php

Again, AWESOME material, woot! I can't wait to see more! =D

Glad you like my little drawings (of big girls) :)

Right now I'm on a hiatus from Milk and Cookies, but I'm sure I'll revisit it. I'd be foolish not to.

And I'll see you there!

There, I think that's all the changes I need to make for a while.

is there really a game like that?

Gaigan on
Sort of, Jed, ol' boy. Oppai Slider and Mortal Kombat: Armageddon come to mind for starters, but I'm sure there are plenty more.

Kiroku on
thats a small bust? what will the big one look like?

SexyJin on
You should totally make a new character pic for this Sorceress now that you've gained so many fans, but this time make her like lvl 10 or something and he bust higher up the gage.

BlubberLoverDude on
I agree with SexyJin you should make a sequel to this one!!!!! Cept shes at lv90!!!!!!

I concur with SexyJin and BlubberLoverDude. Love to see more of her. :)

Miss Selainie on
Ooo! Maybe it could be the next version of the game...?

Ideafeast on
You know what would be interesting, if that bust size gauge was interactive. Move it back and forth to the bust size you want, or something of the such.

Jed on
dosn't anybody think this would be a cool game where you could actually have a sorceress and be able to go and have qusts to gain even bigger busts

Sexyjin on
YAY! of course that would be a great game. I'm sure you could pick different classes but the general premise would be boobs

Jed on
but i think i would bretty much do it for both because i like games where your actually told wht u have to do to gain exp. and stuff like that so it would be a good game but you would have to choose between your stats an your bust. but i would just get really strong and then get a bigger bust.

Jed on
hey woot i was just wondering but will u join my freinds list on myspace? if u do just give me your email address

I don't have any kind of presence on myspace, sorry :(

That's awesome. I wish more RPGs would let your characters look like that :D

Jed on
i wish i was a good enough game artist to be able to make a game like that ... i mean just a few minutes ago i went on to you tube and went to breast expanson vids and there is one animated vid that i love thee most i think it's the 16th one down from the top. and it is just amazing you should check it out all the details are magnificent.

Logic on
Logic is on your side woot

I have been a fan of Woot's since the Cute Paradise days and I felt it was more than appropriate to say a big "Thank you" for your amazing work! Truly one of my top favorite artists on the web! I also enjoy the backstories to the pics and can't wait to see more on Tenfingers!

anon on
Welcome to the new woot gallery! I've completely redone the backend, which now allows me to pre-moderate all comments. There will be a delay between your post and the comment appearing. Don't worry, I'll only reject spam and trolling.

I'm trying to work out a way to recover the old comments as well, but that may take a little while. Please enjoy!

anon on
Also, the RSS feeds will be down for a while. They're the next project, however!

Somebody on
I just realized something... if her breasts are that big and the marker is so low on the bust size scale... wow

Jed on
man her neck must hurt with those boobs and that shirt

Fireheart on
You should do one with the bust size all the way up.

BalloonPrincess on
I'm not sure if I should say anything ... and I don't have your e-mail address, but I believe someone is using your artwork without permission on DA. Here's the link to the work in question ... http://iyeru42.deviantart.com/art/Poof5-79295246

Anon on
I've dispatched an email to the dA support staff, since I recognized a number of images in their gallery (as well as sources for them, making the case a little stronger).

darkly on
same here...seen your work on DA by some idiot before...just hope that we catch an art thief of your work ...cause your work are so precious to your fans...
and especially to yourself....

woot on
Which one did they try to steal? Usually they pick something older/ obscure. Minimum Wage was the last one I was kindly alerted to.

belphagor on
asshats, it should be obvious to others that they stole it, considering it's not made in their style. The internet is a sad thing.

Alan on
Nice writing. You are on my RSS reader now so I can read more from you down the road.

Pink Pikachu on
Nice to see someone who isn't putting the Bust slider to max.

lol, anyways, love your stuff :3.

lurker man! on
Admit it, pink pikachu, you know you're curious. ;)

Keni Psychosis on
How big would she be is the bust slider was maxed? You should a few pictures where she's getting larger until she blocks most of the screen!

Logic on
I've often considered sending possible storyline requests to woot but don't know the email adress; what adress would I send it to if I wanted to do something like that?

woot on
Hint: my email address is linked in my name ;)

NamenRamen on
Considering that she probably can't see here feet even by this point... if that bust slider was pushed any further to the right, that girl'd have some big problems walking... XD

Rexman on
The sorceress of endowment

Somebody on
I actually thought this was /from a game at first.

otakon2006 on
Dude, we need a sequel with the bust size slider increased to 100%! PLEASE!

Cronberrrr on
Yes, a sequel with the slider all the way is NEEDED.

Another Woot Fan on
We need a sequel.
Lets say, bust size as big as it'll go.

Gaapa on
Why not make her breasts reactive to the exercise she gets? No exercise = bigger per hour/day, Exercise = smaller per hour/day depending on activities?

Somebody on
Did anyone else notice that the bust meter is only a quarter full and they are already huge

Somebody on
Sequel: she's now lvl >9000!!!!!

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