Bronze Beach Beauty

Bronze Beach Beauty
She reached behind her back and tugged on the knot holding her bikini top together until it came apart, She looked over her shoulder, smiling, squinting even though she wore sunglasses. "Would you mind giving me a hand with my sunblock? I have a hard time getting an even coat. Thanks!" Her attention returned to the battered paperback, and she began humming along with the salsa music playing on the boombox.

"With pleasure," came my reply.

eatboerenkool on
Sweeeeeeeeeet :)

Bubba on
I love you.

BalloonPrincess on
Ah ... the glory of sunbathing! You've done such a magnificent job in capturing this rich and delicious moment! :)

Muhznit on
WOOT, HOW DO YOU MANAGE YOUR COLORS, MAN?! Every single pic, you have like... the perfect lighting and blending for each one! How do you do it?!

woot on
Like how do I use the tools inside the oekaki paint program to choose colors or are you asking a more general color theory type question?

lurker man! on
both. all of the above. You make it looks so realistic as opposed to most crap others try making. How do you do it?

Muhznit on
More of a general color theory, in specifics of "output" colors. Think of the difference between sunlight hitting Polished Wood and Solid steel. I'm only sure the steel is going to have less color in the reflected light with more brightness; wheras the wood would reflect some of its color within the light. The main question I have is: How much color/brightness reflects back when is exposed to ?

Ashrat on
I really love this one. You do such magnificent butts too, Woot, not just spectacular chests. I'd really like to see more rear ends from ya :D

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